It’s no secret that the dynamics of our current environment have changed drastically.  Stability has been challenged, relationships have been tested, family structures have been under pressure, resources have been drained and everything that we thought was normal has been turned upside down.  Comfort and complacency has been replaced with panic and fear.

As our bodies respond to the sudden influx of stress, our minds may have strayed a time or two to a place of unrest and anxiety.  Coping mechanisms like late night snacking, binge eating and daily home happy hours may have settled in.  Defense mechanisms like lashing out at loved ones or feeling insecure about ourselves is also around the corner.  You may have even had a moment of feeling like just shutting down, crawling under the covers and sleeping away the weekends.

Allow me to bring you a bit of good news.

The good thing about falling into a downward spiral of a slump, is that it often provides the force needed to propel you into a much more positive place.  

The anxiety felt during times of uncertainty, is often an indicator that you need to put more focus on specific areas of your life.  During these challenging times, there is so much richness to be absorbed and lessons to learn.  Everything that has been undone due to our busy, hectic lifestyles is slowly being put back together.  Relationships are having to face reconciliation to be restored.  Bad habits are having to be replaced with good positive behaviors.  Self care is becoming even more of a priority on a daily basis. And that’s not all…

The essence of time is no longer a matter of how little we have, but how much longer it seems.  Enjoying a breath of fresh air out in nature is no longer a wish, but a daily ritual.  New resources and skill-sets are being discovered within ourselves.  To-do lists that seemed to be never-ending are slowly dwindling down.

These are all the byproducts of what started out as an extremely stressful environment.  It’s time to get out of that slump that you’re in, because you can’t stay there anyway.  Allow your body and mind to receive and embrace the positive reinforcements that are being created.   Focusing on the more important aspects of your life will help you get back to a place of peace and balance.  You have more strength now than you did two months ago, and that’s something to be excited about.

Be well my friends!


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