In modern architecture, the Cambridge dictionary defines the word threshold as, “the floor of an entrance to a building or a room”.  Later on, the Longman dictionary defined it as, “the level at which something starts to happen, or have an effect”.   These are physical definitions of threshold, however it can take on a meaning that is spiritual, emotional, social, economical and much more.

The concept of a threshold is fundamentally transformative. It represents the transition of one environment or space, into another.  It can also represent a portal of sorts creating a pathway into a new way of thinking or a new level of achievement. 

Simply put, it is fairly easy to identify whether a threshold has been reached, because the attributes of the atmosphere will change.  You will find yourself either having to adjust, having to decline entry or doing what is necessary to adjust the attributes of the atmosphere to maintain a certain level of normalcy before the threshold point.

In life, this can look very different depending on the situation.  In business, it may be a question of how long can you stay in the black before having to make operational changes.  In family relationships, it may look like the level at which a family can live together in small quarters before having to upgrade to a larger home.  In friendships, sometimes it’s a matter of reciprocity.  In romantic relationships, it’s often depending on how many compromises are made over time.  We all have our thresholds, limits and boundaries.

Thresholds are usually compromised based on the amounts of weight it bears.  Excessive weight will only lead to cracks and damages to the original structure.  Yes, this is a direct correlation to the impact of sustaining excessive weight in regards to our boundaries.  When you reach your boundary threshold, don’t be afraid to pull back, eliminate the excessive weight, or at the very least, assess the potential damages of sustaining the impact.  You must decide if potential damages can be repaired, or if the structure will lose too much of its value in the process.  Choose wisely my friends!







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  1. Very well done. Good read.


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