The process of healing has multiple diverse and intricate layers. It is not a “one and done” type of situation, and certainly not something that can be rushed.  There are stages, phases and levels to healing that take time and require subjection to different circumstances.

When I suffered broken bones from an accident, I was in no way prepared for the detailed process of healing that needed to take place. As a matter of fact, I was quite impatient with my own body.  Logically, I felt that after the break was fixed through surgery, the healing would be somewhat brief.  The internal work was already done.  The bandages had been applied; the stitches had been sewn tight.  Surely, I must be healed.

Nothing could have been further from the truth.

Little did I know, there were fragments of bone, layers of tissue, strings of blood vessels and ligaments that still needed to be healed. Even after all of that healing had taken place, there were times when the injury site was subjected to stress, movement and strain which reminded me that healing was still in process.

This is the reality of healing, whether it be physical, emotional or mental.  There are elements to healing which will need to be exercised and stressed in order to prove the strength that was once there.

Healing from emotional trauma is very much the same.

We often times hear slogans saying “heal yourself” as if there is some sort of rush for healing to take place. But the simple fact is that healing is a process that requires time and effort to be successful.  In addition, there is no one person who is not healing from something.  It may not go as deep as some childhood trauma, but if you are living and breathing, there is something that has taken place in your life recently which has caused an impact that requires healing.

As we evolve in life, we are constantly healing from circumstances and situations.  It is a constant effort much like maintaining a healthy lifestyle and eating regime.  You may have “cheat days” (or weeks!), where you relax yourself for a while, but then you have to get back into the program.

Healing is not a one-person effort.  It requires a full support system of people and influencers who are able to help you along the way.  Counselors, advisors, therapists, motivators, encouragers, guidance leaders, friends, family and much more.  One of the key components to my physical healing, was having a team of medical professionals, family and friends who were all rooting for my complete recovery  and success.  And it has worked wonderfully.

If you are dealing with anything that is causing you mental or emotional stress, just know that you are not alone.  Do not let anyone pressure you into feeling like you have to isolate yourself or manage this process by yourself.  Reach out to people you trust, and if you cannot find that, search for resources that will help you heal.  Understand that everyone is healing from something, and you are doing your part to better yourself for your future.

Here’s to better health and healing success my friends!



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