When I bought my home seven years ago, I had one main underlying thought during the entire process:  when and how did I accumulate so much junk?

I had been living in a generously spaced two-bedroom apartment, and was quite content.  Perhaps that spirit of contentment was why I had not taken mental note of the stock piles of items that had been stashed away in closets, pantries, drawers and cubby holes. 

These were what I call “maybe items”.  Maybe I’ll read that book one day.  Maybe I’ll use that kitchen appliance next holiday.  Maybe I’ll have a desire to use that outdoor equipment.  Maybe I’ll flip through that contact list and make some calls.  Maybe, maybe, maybe. 

“Maybe” is nothing more than a mental manifestation of indecisiveness.  

I realized I needed a second crew to help with just the junk.  This was more intentional. It forced me to make immediate decisions on what needed to go and what should stay.    I was able to enter my new home without the meaningless clutter of the past. 

This physical cleansing has also taken effect in my life by way of mental and emotional cleansing.  It is virtually impossible to move forward and progress, when there are lingering thoughts and/or mental landmarks that only cloud judgement and delay our next steps. 

The mind is a powerful machine.  It can replay incidents, scenarios, moments, traumas, emotional distress….and much more….all in an instant.  For this reason, it is important to clear the mental and emotional space to make room for new, impactful memories. 

This is way more than the typical “brush yourself off and get over it” mantra.  This involves a very real-time, intentional effort to sweep clean the cluttered mental and emotional pathways.

Make a point to keep mental and emotional landmarks that center your being around joy, happiness, peace, love and hope.

Update your contact lists. Review your social media connections.  Delete emails from people who had ill intentions.  Remove reminders of old, damaged relationships.  Set firm boundaries.  Get rid of unforgiveness and bitterness.  Create a plan to redirect negative thoughts. 

All of these are practical ways to clear the junk and set the tone for what’s to come.  It’s okay to start small, but stick to the plan.  As we transition into the second month of the year, this is a perfect time to de-clutter and set the atmosphere for growth and abundance!


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  1. Agreed. Let the purging begin.

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