You have a new sense of ambition. You decided not to write a list of resolutions. You have made commitments to yourself. Your word is your bond. You mean what you say. You will operate out of integrity. The goals you set are realistic. You will develop a plan to cushion setbacks.

You will forgive people who haven’t apologized. You will let love lead the way. You release all grudges with a smile. You are more accountable for your actions. You’re not afraid to admit when you are wrong.

You will take risks. You will not operate out of timid fear. You will practice daily affirmations for confidence. You will not procrastinate. You will respect discipline. You will operate from a place of expectancy. You will develop a plan to discourage negative thoughts.

You recognize that loss is either a lesson or a transition. You set healthy boundaries and assess as needed. You will be responsible when it comes to your healing. You will not beat yourself up for mistakes, missed deadlines, setbacks or discouragement.

You will not operate from a spirit of perfectionism, and will extend forgiveness to yourself for false expectations. You will make mistakes, learn hard lessons, lose motivation. And then you will have your winning streaks where you are knocking it out of the ballpark.

In the end, everything will happen the way it is supposed to. You will be neither behind, or late. You are right on time, and everything is being orchestrated to get you to your destiny. Your only competition is who you were before reading this post.

Cheers to the New Year!


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