We all have been there.  Hustling and bustling through the week, tons of items on our to-do lists, multi-tasking galore, tending to everyone’s needs then squeezing out the last bits of the day to do something for ourselves.  Surprisingly, the next day, we will attempt to do it all again.  If this has ever been you, I want you to say these words:

I’ve done enough. 

Today’s culture is heavily focused on trendy phrases like, “the grind doesn’t stop”, “no sleep till”, “keep pushing”, “rest is for the dead”.   It is a culture that puts a lot of emphasis on every aspect of life except the one person who matters most:  you. 

Many of us live in a society that actually makes us feel scolded for taking a break, getting sleep, resting, or just having a day to ourselves where we simply just be.  It’s almost shunned to have a schedule where you are not doing something every minute of every day, all the time.  Where did this all begin, and why have many of us become so accustomed to this rat race?

Even “self-care” efforts have become a competitive display of who can do more self-care activities than the next. 

The need to constantly be busy or to feel guilt around getting rest, stems from a trauma response.  Some uncovered need to prove that you are effective, efficient, relevant and on top of your game.  The need to prove to an imaginary audience that you can, and will, keep going no matter what.  It’s time to scale that audience back down to one. 

Don’t be afraid, ashamed or guilty for saying that you’ve done enough.  Whether it’s enough for the day, the week, the month or the year.  You know the efforts that you have been operating from and you know the work that you have put in.  It’s okay to rest and it’s certainly okay to take a much needed break.  Slow down your pace.  Catch your breath and truly recharge your batteries, for you.   Trust me, your mind and body will thank you. 

This is the time of year where tension and anxiety tend to be on the rise.  End of year goals, holiday plans, family drama, end of fiscal year.  I would challenge you to do your best to remain on the low.  Low stress.  Low anxiety.  Low tension.  Low drama.  Low depression.  Let’s do our best to roll into the new year with as much peace as possible.  After all, you’ve done enough. 


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