Three small words that have caused every human to cringe at some point.  Why?  Because usually the conversation that follows is nothing short of a laundry list of grievances another person has against us.  Many of us have become so accustomed to this pattern, that the mere sound of these words makes us feel like we are being summoned to the principal’s office.  

Digging a little deeper, the basis behind those dreaded feelings is that we know we are about to be put in a position where we must be accountable for our behavior, or our words.  Let’s face it, often times its hard to hear the harsh truths about ourselves because we just don’t want to be associated with something perceived as “bad”.  

But why? Do we feel we should be perfect? Do we have too much pride to bear the thought that something we did was off the mark?  Are we so riddled with shame behind our behavior that we don’t want to face who we are? 

I know these questions can cause you to feel a bit uncomfortable, and that’s totally ok.  That feeling of being slightly uncomfortable is what happens when the process of inner work begins.  

It’s almost like taking the “Can we talk?” question and turning it inward where we examine ourselves, weigh our motives against our moral compass and establish a solution for real growth.  

Doing the inner work can definitely be awkward.  It’s not pretty.  As a matter of fact, it can get quite ugly.  It’s the deeply-rooted, gut-wrenching, soul-stirring conversations we have with ourselves about who we are and what is important to us.  

In order to evolve to your best self, you must be willing to address and embrace the challenging parts of who you are.  Hold yourself accountable. Be truthful and honest with yourself.  Acknowledge your pain.  Identify your fears.  Hash out your motives.  Unpack any insecurities.  

The thought of unpacking can seem quite overwhelming at first. Where do you start? What’s the protocol? How are you going to feel afterwards? In today’s world, it’s so easy to put focus on everything else, and not take the time to address our own issues. You owe it to yourself to ensure total self care and make sure you are whole.

So go ahead and be intentional with yourself. Put yourself on your calendar for a ‘self chat’. Take a moment to decompress and unpack so you can fully operate from a place of peace. It only gets better from here 💚


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