This past weekend, I had to have some very deep, direct conversations with someone who I love dearly and who means the world to me.  It wasn’t easy.  It wasn’t pretty.  And it definitely wasn’t the most comfortable thing I’ve had to do.  But it was necessary.

Many of us ride the waves of neutrality when it comes to addressing issues, or even mild confrontation, as it pertains to those close to us.  It can be close friends, loves, spouses, or even family members.  We choose to bury our feelings for the sake of maintaining some level of peace, or for lack of better words, we just don’t want to rock the boat.  

Difficult conversations are so very important.  Those involved can truly expand their communication skills, and also gain a deeper understanding of themselves and how they manage through their emotions. 

My Father once told me, “When people don’t care, they don’t say anything.”  At first this statement stung me.  Why does it have to be so definite?  Aren’t there any exceptions?  But as I moved through life, I realized that he was spot on.  When someone you love brings an issue to your attention,  it’s because they care about you, deeply, and they want the best for you.  

I liken it to pulling water from a well.  Lowering the well bucket requires precision and strength.  Most times you have no idea how far down the bucket will reach, you just know there’s water at the bottom.  When you pull the bucket back up, sometimes it gets messy.  There may be some dirt, dust and grime on the edges.  But the water inside, is pure.  

Dig deep.  Go the distance. Get to the bottom. Get uncomfortable.  This applies to the person delivering the message, and the recipient.  Only good things can come from this process and what remains after the dust settles, is what is meant to be there.   

Be easy folks. 


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