If you have a smart phone, or any other cool techy device that involves the latest technology, then you are all too familiar with frequent updates to that device’s operating system. 

Typically, you will receive some sort of email or text message notification indicating that it’s time for an update.  You may have the option to choose when to download the updates, or sometimes, it’s an automatic process that occurs during the wee hours of the morning.  Either way, when it’s time, changes will be made.

One of the questions I would always have around operating system updates is, “How can a new device have so many updates so soon?” And the answer is simple:  there is always room for improvement to even the seemingly best of the best. 

Today I felt like it was time for a major system update.  Mentally, physically, spiritually and beyond.   Yes, it’s only the third month of the year, but that’s not too soon to re-evaluate and re-assess current operating structures.  The only difference between my version of a system update and that of my trendy devices is, I didn’t give myself a prior notification or any reminders.  I didn’t spend the last day of February contemplating what needs to be updated.  No options to select the start date and time, I decided today was going to be the day and that was that. 

Choosing to evolve and make the very best of who you are, is the ultimate form of self-love and self care. Anything that is living requires periodic pruning and treatment to maintain that life. It is vital to your growth, and has direct impact on those around you as well.

So, the first day of the third month of the year for me involved a variety of exceptional things.  I followed up on to-do items that had been left hanging.  I breathed fresh life into projects that had been lifeless.  I revamped my physical activity routine to challenge myself to the max.  I made time to relax and sit still.  I put an end to dead connections that were just taking up space.  And it feels great!! 

System update complete!  Don’t forget to get yours started soon. 



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    Great message!

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