So here we are.  Just hours away from the end of what has been a very interesting year.   Some of you are obsessing and stressing over new goals and resolutions.  Some of you are lamenting over what did or didn’t happen this year.  And some of you may be just patiently waiting for the last second to slip by, so a new chapter can begin. 

Wherever you are, here is something I want you to do now: breathe.  Take a deep breath in, and exhale slowly.

Now let’s continue!

Suffice it to say, this year has been rather eye opening on so many levels.  I can speak for myself when I say there are a few takeaways I was reminded of, and also some new habits I will be taking with me into the new year. 

  1. Practice Gratitude.  It’s definitely a good thing to write down the things you are grateful for, or to voice them out loud.  But other ways we practice gratitude is by our actions.  Taking care of what is ours.  Loving the people we have.  Being a good steward of our assets.  Living in the moment and not wasting precious time.  All of these are ways to show gratitude. 
  2. Assess Needs Versus Wants.  This year I learned that I can do a whole lot with less.  How is that possible?  I realized some of the things I was holding on to were just excess, and unnecessary.   I learned how to make the things I want also the things that I need.  
  3. Say No.  I recently heard someone say that you should never tell a person no, but that you will see what you can do.  I call this rubbish!  The word “no” is empowering and it allows you to preserve your time, and your peace of mind. 
  4. Focus on Self Care.  This goes without saying.  We all have had moments of over-extending ourselves and it just doesn’t work out well in the end.  Focusing on self care is actually a very humanitarian act.  The better you are, the better you can be for others. 
  5. Set Boundaries.  Boundaries are not meant to keep people out, but to let them know how far they can go, and also, whether or not they even belong.  Set healthy boundaries that will prevent you from being overburdened and overstressed. 
  6. Speak Life.  Under stressful circumstances, it’s so easy to get into the habit of speaking negatively over situations.  By no means am I suggesting to not accept a reality, but it’s how you speak to situations that can make a big difference in your level of peace and the outcome. 
  7. Connect with Nature.  This is somewhat of a new one for me.  I have always loved nature, but this year I found myself spending more time outside, inhaling fresh air, absorbing the elements and observing beautiful moments like watching a moon set and the sun rise.  
  8. Honor Your Word.  In a society with so much rampant lip service, it is becoming imperative to be a person of your word.  Let your yes be yes, and your no be no.  If you promise something, make good on that promise. 
  9. Practice Silence.  Everything does not require a response from you.  Learn how to be silent at times when you may want to have a knee-jerk reaction or response.  Your energy is priceless. 
  10. Do the Inner Work.  We all have baggage. We all have had some bad experiences and we all have experienced some levels of trauma.  And that’s totally okay!  Remember to take the time to do the inner work needed so that you can be your best.  This is no one’s business but yours (and perhaps a therapist!).  You’ll be glad you did!

That’s all I have for now lovely people.   Be sure to stay safe and cheers to the New Year!


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