If you are reading this blog, congratulations

I think we all can agree that this year has been nothing short of complete chaos.  We barely had time to digest our New Year’s champagne before the world entered into what many of us now consider to be a catastrophic disaster.  Social unrest.  Economic distress.  An unpredictable raging pandemic.  Yet here you are, reading this blog. 

You have made it through what many are calling one of the worst times in history in a hundred years. Despite so many challenges, you have managed to remain afloat.  You have pushed through anxiety and depression.  You have managed to keep your households intact.  You have found creative ways to entertain your children.  Despite being inundated with information from all social media platforms, you have managed to think clearly to form your own ideas.  You have managed to get up day after day, even if you felt defeated the day before. You may have had a few set backs, but you have gotten back on your feet to face the next day. 

You have been inadvertently been promoted to the office manager, accountant, book keeper, entertainer, personal chef, fitness trainer and relaxation expert of your household, even if you’re the only one in it.

As hard as things may have been, you found a way to come up for air and continue forward. You may have even channeled your energy into a new hobby or business venture.   Despite all of the noise and chaos, you have pushed through, and now you are here.

One of the things that has surprised me is how quickly the time seems to be passing by.  It seems like just a couple of months ago, it was spring time.  Now we are just weeks away from ending the year.  I almost feel like I’m standing at the end of a very long walking trail, and looking back at how far I have come.  I made it.  You made it. 

If you don’t do anything else this year, make sure you take some time to acknowledge your very existence.  You are stronger than you ever imagined and that deserves to be celebrated! 

Be well!


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