Immunity.  It’s a word that all of us have been inundated with lately, given the current circumstances.  We all have unique ways to maintain or boost immunity in our bodies, from super green smoothies and vegetable juices, to ancient rituals and old school tonics.  All of these are great ways to boost our internal systems in order to ward off potential threats.

But what about the immunity of the mind, heart and spirit?

Each day, from the time we are awake until the time we fall asleep, we are bombarded with messages, images, stories, sounds, energies and everything in between.

Every single thing that our eyes, ears and minds absorb, is processed, just like the food we eat.  And in the same way, often times there are remnants left behind that become toxic to our mental and emotional well-being.

I know for myself, sometimes the day-to-day ends up weighing heavy on my mind, so I had to develop some practical ways to help invite and sustain a healthy balance.

  1. Check Yourself First. If you’re like me, the first thing you do when you wake in the morning is roll over and grab your mobile device.  Soon after, you find yourself scrolling through streams of social media, or rummaging through online news reports to find out what happened while you were sleeping.  Here’s a tip: stop it.  Use those first few moments of your day to check in on yourself first. How do you feel? How’s your mental clarity? How does your body feel?  What major tasks must be accomplished for the day?  Go further and take a few deep breaths, practice ten minutes of stretching or just sit quietly while you collect your thoughts.  Everything else can wait.
  2. Breathe in Natural Air. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a household manager or a resident of office life, more than likely you spend much of your time indoors for a large part of the day.  Find time to be intentional about stepping outside, and taking several deep breaths outdoors.  Fill your lungs deeply and absorb nature. Our bodies are made of several natural elements so this will feel energizing and calming.cropped-ce-vineyard-1.jpg
  3. Guard Your Heart. I used to be one to spend a lot of time listening to the complaining woes of others, and I mistakenly labeled myself as being a “good friend”.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Allowing myself to be a sponge for other people’s negative energy was not only draining, but simply a poor display of self-care.  Now I listen enough to offer a workable solution or piece of advice, then I exit the conversation, with love.
  4. Hydrate. I know this seems obvious, but if you start a hydration journal for five days, you may be surprised at how little pure H2O is entering your body. Proper hydration improves mental focus, boosts the internal immune system, keeps energy levels up and is a critical factor in cellular functionality.  Drink up!img_2005
  5. Practice Gratitude. No matter where you are in your life, you can think of at least five things to be grateful for.  Get into the habit of doing this daily, then begin to add one more thing to the list each week. This is a simple practice that not only leads to more peace, but also creates a balance of self.  Being grateful for what you have is an invitation for more to be grateful for.

My hope is that all of you are safe, healthy and in good spirits.  Cheers until next time!


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  1. Tarsha Burley says:

    All good thinks to consider and practice!


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