If you’re reading this, then congratulations! You have survived another 365 days and have transitioned into a brand new year.  We all should certainly be grateful for that.  As with every start to a new year, there is usually a list of goals, resolutions, to-do items, or other objectives to reset and recharge.

Typically,  a lot of emphasis is placed on goals that tend to be external in nature.  Weight loss, saving money, starting a business, muscle gain, evaluating your circle of friends.  While all of these are excellent ways to kick off a new year, there is also one very important factor to the new year and that is…you.

One of the main themes I heard about 2019 was that it was a difficult year for many.  Whether it was loaded with struggles, losses, broken relationships or financial challenges…it was hard.  Going through a brief period of challenges is tough, but having them back to back for a year is something that can definitely take a toll on one’s mental and physical being. It can actually leave you feeling pretty down and out, or hard on yourself.

This is why the main (and daily) objective I have as 2020 kicks off, is to reconcile with myself.  

What exactly does self reconciliation mean?  It means to forgive yourself for mistakes that were made.  Highlight your good and positive attributes.  Remember why you started on your journey.  Find and hold on to the people and things that make you smile.  Choose to be grateful in every situation.  Honor your commitments.  Be a deliverer of your word.

Sometimes, difficult situations and experiences can make us start a war within ourselves.  Let’s not travel through 2020 that way.  Let’s get our hearts and minds clean so we can knock out the rest of our yearly objectives!



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