Never be afraid to celebrate yourself!

There are a lot of somewhat passionately aggressive messages out there that hit you with the charge to “remember who you are”, sometimes even in more explicit language.  We get it.  We understand that point.  But unfortunately, a lot of these messages do not dig into the how.

The world is brutal. You can get kicked, beat down, looked over and stepped on, and that’s before lunch!  If any of that begins to sink into your soul, and trust me, at some point it will, you need to have a strategy of sorts to get back on top of things.

In order to “remember who you are” you have to answer some key questions.  What are some amazing qualities about you?  What do people say you are good at? What are some character strengths that you have?  These may sound like boring questions, but having legitimate answers will help you stay in the know of who you are.

I encourage you to take some time, ask yourself those questions and be honest.  Brag on yourself, lift yourself up and highlight all those amazing qualities.  Celebrate yourself and don’t feel one ounce of bad about it.



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