If you and bae are two busy people, chances are, you both look forward to the weekend to relax and have a nice date or two.  Over time, things can get a bit monotonous so let me give you some fresh ideas!

Friday Breakfast Date

We all know about the typical dinner date, but why not kick off the weekend by having breakfast with the babe?  Plug it into your calendar as “busy” and make a reservation so that in your head, it’s a concrete commitment.

Put in Work Together

This is definitely a different kind of date night, but doing a project together can be rewarding and also give you some insight to the person you are connected to.  Try building a piece of furniture (IKEA rings a bell!), or doing some light landscaping together.


My mother used to always tell me, “You’re blessed to be a blessing”.  What better way to pay it forward than to spend some time serving others. This is a great way for couples to connect on a philanthropic level and also to put some feel-good energy back on top.

Learn Together

This is something that certainly is not restricted to date night, but engaging in a culinary or wine-making class is a good way to connect as a couple.  You will get to see each other’s learning curve in real time, and also it will be lots of fun.

Mixing things up and keeping it interesting are so important in any relationship.  Always remember to have fun!



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